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Google Pixel Fold already has screen issues, and it’s only been one day 2023


  • Google Pixel Fold launched last month, and it just went on sale in select markets.
  • Few Pixel Fold owners have started complaining about screen issues within just hours of using the device.
  • Some are noticing dents and scratches, and even screen damages.

Google launched its first foldable, the ‘Pixel Fold’, last month. The company has now started selling the device but in just a day of people buying and using it, there are reports of screen issues. Several Pixel Fold users have raised issues about the screen getting damaged, and some even seeing dents and cracks.

Google Pixel Fold screen issues

It started with Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo whose Pixel Fold’s screen crashed in just four days. Amadeo in an article explained how the foldable phone started malfunctioning after the lightest usage, and it was never dropped. “The bottom 10 pixels of the Pixel Fold went dead first, forming a white line of 100 percent brightness pixels that blazed across the bottom of the screen. The entire left half of the foldable display stopped responding to touch, too, and an hour later, a white gradient started growing upward across the display,” he wrote.

Pixel Fold buyers have also pointed out similar issues on Reddit. One user started noticing issues within just two hours of using the device. This one noticed a “bright pink line once or twice,” which later spread edge to edge of the screen. Another user said that they started noticing “very small dents and surface imperfections between the bezel and the screen protector, the gutter area.”

In another case, the screen protector of the Pixel Fold started peeling off and the owner noticed what looks like scratches. This was just four hours after receiving the Pixel Fold, and unfolding it just thrice.

The Pixel Fold screen issues would remind one of the first-generation Galaxy Fold which also witnessed a similar but much worse scenario. This past issue was however with the first batch of review units of the Galaxy Fold. In this case, it’s affecting the commercial units of the Pixel Fold. It could be limited to select units though as there have been other Pixel Fold buyers who haven’t raised any such issues.

Google Pixel Fold DIY repairs

Google hasn’t said anything about the screen issues yet but it’s offering a DIY repair kit for the Pixel Fold. It’s a partnership with iFixit that Google started with the Pixel 6. The DIY kit will include genuine spare parts and tools along with a step-by-step guide to fix or replace the damaged areas. But with Pixel Fold owners complaining of early issues it looks Google will have to provide more than just a DIY kit.

Google Pixel Fold Price, Launch Date

Expected Price:Rs. 147,490
Release Date:28-Sep-2023 (Expected)
Variant:12 GB RAM / 256 GB internal storage
Phone Status:Upcoming Phone


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