GooglePixel 8

GooglePixel 8 users are now complaining of display bumps


  • GooglePixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are noticing bumps on the display.
  • It appears under certain lighting conditions and in multiple locations.
  • Google is yet to respond to the issue.

GooglePixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launched last month offering the best from the brand. But there have been some issues reported by users. A new one that’s been highlighted is quite concerning as users are noticing bumps in the display, and it appears to occur from the inside. This is affecting both Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users.

GooglePixel 8 display bump

GooglePixel 8 users have complained on Reddit and Google’s support page about the display issues. One Redditor shared about “weird dents” on their Pixel 8 display that appear in certain lighting conditions. An image of the same was shared and the bump is quite visible.

“Some look like the heads of screws from the mainboard punching through it, others like the screen itself bends alongside the (long) edge,” the Redditor explained.

The dents don’t appear normally but only under a certain lighting. It’s still concerning and shouldn’t show up at all. The same issue was raised by other Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users who also complained of seeing bumps on their devices. Some are noticing around 8-10 bumps in the display, and the weird part is that it’s from the inside and not because of any external force. And it’s happening to new units after around a week of purchasing them.

The reason behind the bumps isn’t confirmed yet but according to one Redditor, it could be due to “little springy arms” on the Pixel 8 series. This is visible in teardown videos, and the little springy arms point upward and apply pressure to the screen. Based on the location of the bumps, it could actually be due to that object.

Google is yet to acknowledge and respond to the display bumps, but some users are trying to get their units replaced. It’s still important for Google to respond to the complaints, and offer a solution.


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