India’s most expensive electric motorcycle

Most expensive electric motorcycle | India


 Most expensive electric motorcycle

India’s most expensive electric motorcycle After a seemingly unending wait, electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Ultraviolette has finally launched the F77 in India. The electric motorcycle is offered in three variants- standard, Recon and Special all of which are available in a variety of colour options.

– Ultraviolette F77 priced from Rs 3.80 lakh

– Available in three trims

– Offered in a total of five colours

You can pick the India’s most expensive electric motorcycle standard F77 as well as the Recon in a choice of three colours- Supersonic Silver, Stealth Grey, and Plasma Red. On the other hand, the top-of-the line Special is offered in two options- Meteor Grey and Afterburner Yellow. Now, while the colours are varied, so are the prices of each model. The standard model will set you back by Rs 3.80 lakh. It offers a top speed of 140kmph and a range of 206km from its 27kW motor and 7.1kWh battery. Meanwhile, the Recon and Special use a 29kW and 30.2kW motor each. However, both get a 10.3kWh battery and an impressive claimed range of 307km. The Recon is priced at Rs 4.55 lakh while the Special costs Rs 5.55 lakh, making the F77 the most expensive e-motorcycle in India.

India’s most expensive electric motorcycle

When it comes to list of feature, Ultraviolette has not held back either. The F77 range boasts of a five-inch TFT screen with smartphone connectivity, adaptive dash lightning, auto headlight on/off, side stand sensor, ride modes (Glide, Combat and Ballistic), navigation, ride-by-wire, nine-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit),vehicle locator, fall and crash sensor and emergency contact alert.



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