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iPhone 14 Pro is “jealous” of the Pixel 7 Pro in Google’s latest ad


  • Google takes a dig at Apple in its latest ad where it pits the Pixel 7 Pro against the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • It’s a conversation between the two phones where Google very clearly points out everything the iPhone 14 Pro lacks.
  • Google even decides to end the ad brutally with the iPhone 14 Pro’s dialogue cutting out due to low battery.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Smartphone brands often make fun of each other by mocking products or features, and especially through ads. Samsung is quite notorious for doing this to Apple which, most of the time is the usual target. Now Google’s latest ad takes a clear dig at Apple by pitting the Pixel 7 Pro against what looks like the iPhone 14 Pro.

Google’s dig at Apple

  • Googleposted an ad for the Pixel 7 Pro where it shows the phone having a conversation with the iPhone 14 Pro. The hashtag is #BestPhonesForever, and here the iPhone 14 Pro is seen lamenting about how it’s not as popular as the older phones.
  • The iPhone then goes on to point out the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera capabilities such as Cinematic Blur, Astrophotography mode, 30x zoom, and adding that it may never be able to do these things. The iPhone 14 Pro also says that it’s jealous of the Pixel 7 Pro’s AI.
  • The Pixel 7 Pro then mentions the iPhone 14 Pro’s blue bubbles (iMessage) which is clearly mocking it for being the only thing that stands out right now. The iPhone 14 Pro’s complains continue saying how millions of people would queue in line for iPhones, and how it used to be the most popular lighter in concerts.
  • As the iPhone 14 Pro continues to talk, it shuts down due to low battery which is another dig at iPhones not having that much battery prowess over Android phones. It doesn’t end there though. The Pixel 7 Pro is seen shouting for a Lightning cable which could be another take at iPhones not adopting the USB-C port.
  • There’s no subtlety in the ad and Google has made it very clear by hitting the iPhone where it hurts. The ad has amassed 1.7 million views on YouTube in the past 16 hours. Now whether this ad was in bad taste or not is up to you to decide but Google probably takes the cake for this one.


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