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Rad Power Bikes Introduces Electric Tricycle

Rad Power Bikes new RadTrike opens doors to more people to get in on the e-bike fun.

The RadTrike, the newest model from Seattle-based electric bicycle manufacturer Rad Power Bikes, has just been launched. The RadTrike adds a new three-wheeler option to Rad’s large line of unique two-wheeled electric bicycles, opening the door to a wider selection of cyclists.

The RadTrike’s $2,499 price tag may not seem very affordable when compared to the company’s other bikes, which typically start at about half that price point. However, in addition to being possibly the most reasonably priced electric trike currently on the market from a major manufacturer, the new RadTrike also turns into reality what the business says is the most frequently requested model in its history.

Indeed the story behind why the RadTrike has been so highly anticipated is really cool, and it’s all about inclusivity. You see, riding a bike may seem easy to a lot of people, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. That said, Rad Power Bikes believes that the joy of riding bikes is one that’s meant to be shared with everyone—regardless of age or physical condition. This is where the RadTrike plays an important role.

Electric bicycles have definitely helped a lot of people get back on two wheels, especially elderly people and people who are recuperating from an illness or injury. However, electric trikes can be the ideal answer for riders who lack not only the strength to pedal independently, but also the balance demanded by a two-wheeled bike. Riders can simply focus on riding while taking in the landscape and the fresh air without having to worry about balancing.

Rad Power Bikes

Having said all that, Rad Power doesn’t limit the RadTrike to just older folks and people with mobility challenges. The RadTrike could very well be your daily companion when hauling groceries, as it can be fitted with various luggage attachments for added convenience. No matter how you look at it, having three wheels instead of two will always make it easier to haul stuff around. The RadTrike is intended to fold, which is much better. It is extremely easy to store in the back of a pickup, minivan, or SUV because it can fold in half like a standard folding e-bike.



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