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Apple resellers tell Apple iPhone 15 owners to not use Android USB-C cables: here’s what you should do


  • According to reports in China, some Apple resellers are reminding Apple iPhone 15 buyers to not use Android USB-C cable.
  • They falsely say the 9-pin configuration in some USB-C cables would damage the iPhone.
  • Apple USB-C cables are more expensive than the third-party alternatives.

Owing to pressure from the EU and other regulatory bodies across the world, Apple finally introduced a USB-C port on its iPhone 15 series. USB Type-C is a universal standard that allows interoperability and Apple iPhone 15 owners should be able to use a good-quality USB-C cable regardless of whether it’s bought from Apple or not. However, some third-party Apple resellers are allegedly spreading misinformation that Android USB-C cables would damage iPhones.

Here’s the whole deal:

Apple iPhone 15 with Android USB-C cable: Safe?

As per a Chinese website CNMO, certain Apple resellers in China are warning iPhone 15 users that they shouldn’t use an Android USB-C charging cable for it can damage the iPhone.

Apparently, Apple store (Huanyu City store) in Foshan City, Guangdong Province posted (translated): “Warm reminder, friends who got Apple’s iPhone 15 series models, remember not to try to use the Android Type-C data cable to chargesingle row of 9 pins and single row of 11 pins, the gap is slightly smaller, bad luck will burn the machine“.

In total, USB-C specification consists of 24 pins, but not all of them are required for the cable and port connection. Before a USB Type-C cable begins its duty of charging or data transfer, it carries out a handshake process with the port. This involves the cable and the port communicating about the amount of power, the combination of volts and amps to be transferred, etc. And if both ends don’t properly communicate this information, then the power transfer doesn’t take place.

So, in short, the Android USB-C cable is not going to burn your iPhone 15. The false alarm came from a place of ignorance or greed for profits. The latter is more likely as the price gap between Apple accessories and third-party ones is huge.

In its support page, Apple says, “You can charge your iPhone with a USB-C cable and power adapter compliant with the USB-C standard, including USB Power Delivery — such as the cable that comes with your iPhone. These cables and power adapters are widely available from Apple and other manufacturers“.

You see even Apple doesn’t claim that one has to use its cables and chargers only. You can use third-party cables and adapters as long as they adhere to the USB-C specification.

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