PS Plus Free Games for December 2022

PS Plus Free Games for December 2022

Sony has officially confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2022, and while it is technically just three games, one of them is an entire remastered trilogy. This means that the PS Plus games for the coming month clock in at 5 total games.

While Sony used to offer 4-5 games with the PS Plus free game selection from time to time, this ended when it launched the new PS Plus tier system of Essential (Free), Extra, and Premium. Sony confirmed the free game selection would always come in at three games, with this loophole being a good way to celebrate the holiday season. The PS Plus free games for December 2022 include the PS4 version of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a PS4/PS5 version of Biomutant, and a PS4/PS5 version of Divine Knockout. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remastered collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy, so in short, fans can claim ME1, ME2, ME3, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout in December. Indeed, fans who have yet to dive into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition genuinely should, as it’s the perfect balance of honoring the past and moving forward into the modern era.

As we wrote in our review of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, “The first game is 13 years old and the third game is 9 years old at the time of this writing, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition makes them feel much more current and recent. It’s hard to imagine making the original trilogy any better, but these remasters definitely make them much more current.”

PS Plus free games December 2022 List

  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PS4)
  • Biomutant (PS4/PS5)
  • Divine Knockout (PS4/PS5)

Being joined by Biomutant and Divine Knockout ensures players get plenty of variety between a Sci-Fi RPG series, a post-apocalyptic martial arts adventure (Biomutant), and a platform fighter (Divine Knockout). Hopefully, this is a sign of a generous month from Sony, as the PS Plus Extra and Premium games will be announced in the coming weeks.

Of course, Sony typically adds around 20 new PS Plus Extra and Premium games every month, so it’s hard to imagine how it could be even more generous. But what’s clear is that Sony is making sure to end PS Plus’ 2022 run with a bang, and that should be applauded.

PS Plus free games subscribers get a handful of games every month.


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